2007 Elections… Coming Soon!

4 months to go and the biggest event of the year will be upon us!

First on our list – the MAY 2007 Elections!


*for comments, kindly include your location beside your name (ex. Gloria from Pasig City) or you can mention it while you write your opinion! =) thank you!

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  1. Lia from San Juan on

    I think that we SHOULD vote in the May 2007 elections. The youth is such a big voting block this year. The sad thing is we feel that we don’t take time to do so for various reasons (eg apathy, feeling of helplessness, etc). But if we continue to be inactive in our very privilege of suffrage, we, the very hope and future of the country is the one at loss.
    However, the dilemma many of us face is that there seems to be a lack of authentic and able candidates to represent us this year. Is it a choice between the lesser evil or simply not validating these candidates with a vote?
    I asked this to Mareng Winnie (Monsod) in the recent Ayala Young Leaders Congress and she told me quite simply that whether or not you like the candidates, you should vote (you can abstain after all).
    Why should you vote? Because, just like in any sport, if the other team doesn’t show up, they lose by default. If we don’t vote, automatically, we lose by default. She also reminded me and the rest of my peers how important it is to read and study the platforms of the candidates, go to the barangay assemblies and ask our leaders what they have done for us.
    We aren’t totally helpless after all.
    But If we won’t vote this year, let’s not start complaining that the leaders we have gotten are rotten because we didn’t do anything to make that change.
    So please, let’s represent and vote.

  2. phil_citizen from Quezon City on

    I’m voting this may! I just hope my vote will be heard and work. Because with all the cheating that happen during elections, I sometime feel hopeless already. Bumoto pa ako… dadayain lang naman pala. Grrr… But negative feelings aside, maybe there’s still hope! =)

  3. pinaypie on

    There is always hope. Kung di tayo active at di din natin babantayan boto natin, walang mangyayari kaya mga frens, boto na!

  4. macy from mandaluyong on

    I think we must vote… its our right and duty as citizen…hahaha… but, we should choose candidates that are deserving of the position and who can really help our country.. I think the solution is, be an ACTIVE voter… take time to read the platforms of the candidates… choose wisely…

  5. Henri on

    We’ve gotta vote. And I think it’s also our responsibility to inform our mates about who we think are the people who rightfully deserve our trust.

    – henry of zamboanga

  6. curly, makati on

    Hmmm…how can I vote nga ba? Tapos na ba yung registration period o pwede pa humabol? Help!

  7. lia, san juan on

    According to the COMELEC, the registration period for the 2007 Elections ended on December 31, 2006. And the registration for overseas Filipinos ended on 31 October 2006.

  8. Jazz Reyes on

    i wish i can vote but the worst thing is the country wouldnt be the same.

  9. kilzky on

    plz guys vote wisely wag natin iboto ang mga corrupt at aso sa senado dapat sa election active tayo

  10. Doti from QC on

    honestly, i don’t want to vote but i will. with the way our political situation is right now, i wouldn’t blame people for not wanting to vote. but i still think that as citizens, we should make use of this privilege we have.

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