It’s about time.

Are you part of the youth of the Philippines?

Concerned about the different issues and problems of our government???

Need a place where you can speak out and just say what you think about the things going on in the Philippine administration?

Then this is the right spot for YOU! It’s about time that we, the Filipino Youth, say something that clearly is a big part of our lives and our future.

For your comments about this site and/or suggestions of topics that we can share and discuss next time, feel free to leave a message here or email us at ! =) thanks!


2 comments so far

  1. lia, san juan on

    While the site’s name is “Youth for Good Governance”, this venue is not limited only to the youth (13-30 years old).
    It is a site for people, of all ages, most especially adolescents to speak up and make their voices heard.
    At the same time, it is where fellow Pinoys can read the thoughts of their citizens and their hope for the future.
    So whether you are young because of your age or young at heart, remember that being youthful is a mindset. 😉
    So write on!

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