Who do you think BEST embodies the youth ??

The presidential Chief-of-Staff, Mike Defensor

The model, Borgy Manotoc

The showbiz host and actor, Richard Gomez

The Congressman, Francis Escudero

Among these political candidates for the upcoming MAY 2007 Elections, who do you think best embodies the Filipino Youth? The one who will help us make our voice louder and be heard by the adminstration?

Or do you have another candidate (not included in the ones mentioned) in mind ??

Or maybe you don’t think there’s anyone that best embodies us youth?

TAKE YOUR PICK and answer the poll =)

*for comments, kindly include your location beside your name (ex. Gloria from Pasig City) or you can mention it while you write your opinion!  =) thank you!

4 comments so far

  1. noypi, Pasig on

    I choose Francis Escudero among the four choices. He has done a lot of things in congress and I think he was brave enough to want to be part of the pro-impeachment complaint against GMA. I think this shows his determination to know to know the truth behind the election issue – well, not just for his knowledge, but for the public interest as well. And despite the dismissal of the case, he still stood by his vote.
    Even though it seems like Borgy is appropriate one coz he is part of the youth, I don’t think he has what it takes to be a politician. Can he just stick to modelling instead?

  2. Jel on

    can’t think of anyone in particular….labo ng youth, haha

  3. RogeLio TuLang on

    i think the best embodies us youth are those who persevere… those who studies… those who has faith on his/her god… i think that perfectly embodies us youth… but now… there’s only few youth that resembles these characteristics

  4. kilzky on

    c escudero kc matapang cia and kaya niang ipaglaban ang taong bayan and may isa siang salita i vote him and also peter cayetanothey good to our country even the firstgentleman napataob nia

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