Would you ever run for Public Office??

Have you ever thought of (or imagined yourself) running for President of the Philippines in the future? Or maybe a Senator? Congressman/woman? Or maybe even just Councilor of your city?

It would be cool right? You’re famous, an authority, a public figure.

But hmmmm….. what will you do during your term??? Any plans?

What do you think? =)

*for comments, kindly include your location beside your name (ex. Gloria, Pasig City) or you can mention it while you write your opinion! =) thank you!


5 comments so far

  1. phil_citizen from QC on

    I don’t have plans to run for government but if I would run I would concentrate on discipline in our country. One problem I think our country has is that we always just do whatever we want, even bend the rules a bit. “Kung hindi naman mahuhuli, pwede yan!” type of mentality. I’m not for dictatorship ha…but something that would just finally stabilize order here in the Phil. =)

  2. lia from san juan on

    I totally agree with you phil_citizen, the reason why so many officials get away with their kalokohans and why many pinoys don’t follow laws is that they can get away with it.
    If I were to be a leader, in any position, I would focus on making sure that the laws made make sense, and are implemented and followed the way they ought to be.

  3. wanderingaroundaimlessly on

    I wouldnt run for government cause I’m definitely not suited for that. But I agree that pinoys need discipline. People believe if they dont get caught then they can just do whatever they want. Don’t discount the dictatorship idea just yet… heck it worked for Singapore 😉 Maybe thats what the Filipinos need, a good strong hand.

  4. tv junkette on

    i hate politics so my answer is a big fat no. and hey, if one really wanted to help this faltering society (especially its governance) he’d know that politics will only corrupt his intentions thus actions.

    if one really wanted to help, he/she’d do it silently and effectively. but well, you’d have to be a hero to veer away from recognition. haha

  5. adrian from pasay on

    the thought never ever crossed my mind. in my opinion there are no ‘clean’ politicians in our country, its impossible for them to get elected without some form of corruption.

    but if i were to run i would really focus on the enforcement of laws with harsher penalties. because people should learn to respect and observe the law.

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