What’s your problem??

Piles of trash along your street? No Baranggay tanod going around to check security? No water coming out from the faucet?

These are just some of the common problems that are always being complained.
It’s election time soon and politicians need your vote more than ever. It’s not just time to hear empty promises and their speeches but you can empower yourself to ask what they have done in their term to help the community.

In your own town, baranggay, province, or community, what is the biggest issue you think was not addressed by you local officials? Or maybe an issue that you think should be addressed by your future elected officials? What is it and who who would like to answer it?

Write on, who knows, we may even get them to answer your problem.

*for comments, kindly include your location beside your name (ex. Gloria, Pasig City) or you can mention it while you write your opinion! =) thank you!

3 comments so far

  1. Henri on

    TV is a repository of ad- garbage nowadays. Imagine my disbelief when I saw some decent-looking senators dancing and prancing on their political ads last night just to solicit for public support come May 2007 Election. T’was not only cheap but was also crude. I felt offended. Can’t they, at least, attempt to raise the bar for political ads by discussing their platform instead of displaying their ugly grin? (henry of zamboanga) :p

  2. pinaypie, pasig on

    Henri, I think the reason they give us garbage like that is because kumakagat ang madami sa atin. I mean, really, most people would rather watch political personalities belt out “My Way” and dance “Boom Tarat Tarat” rather than hear them give promises they know will be broken. If it didn’t work, they wouldn’t resort to such cheap tricks.
    Although then again, there are people, like us, who are more interested in hearing their platforms and what they plan to do during their term.
    The question is, are we the exception rather than the majority?

  3. vhitz, tacloban on

    vote-buying for me is the biggest issue in our locality that was never answered by the officials(of course, they’re the ones doing it)…everybody knows it and what makes it worse is the fact that even candidates for SKChairman are joining the band wagon (obviously, almost all political aspirants here in our locality are into it, which makes it the most “uso” campaign trash to make their way into the public’s consciousness)…why don’t they just go against the current if they are really serious with their vision for a better Tacloban?well i guess they’re just afraid to do so ‘coz it might not put them in their desired posts, so they rather let themselves eaten up by this sad reality…
    i guess it’s all up to us, the youth, to do something about it…’coz we can never expect something from these politicians, we’ll only leave ourselves waiting in vain for whatever action they could do about it…

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