Complete this sentence. A leader is _____ .

We have encountered different types of leaders in our lives. The super organized planner during group works in school. The determined young man heading the prayer rally at your local community. Or maybe the tough, demanding boss from the office.

Each one of us has his/her own interpretation of what a leader should be.

What then is a leader for you? What are the qualities that you look for?

*for comments, kindly include your location beside your name (ex. Gloria, Pasig City) or you can mention it while you write your opinion! =) thank you!


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  1. phil_citizen. QC on

    A leader is someone who knows how to take charge to oversee the different activities of the group. Despite being the head, a leader still knows how to work with his fellow teammates and will not see himself as more superior than the others. He should also serve as an inspiration to the group.

  2. lia, san juan on

    A leader is someone willing to serve the common good. cliche…but do you ever wonder why it’s so hard to do?

  3. vhitz, tacloban on

    A leader is not just someone who has the power and influence to motivate others to move towards a certain direction…a leader must know what the right direction is and must have the heart to do something about it with his/her collaborators no matter how little that something is and despite of all the barriers he/she might face…
    A leader is not a mere manager of the satus quo…he/she does not get satisfied of doing something better but he/she is determined to do something DIFFERENT…

  4. dez, las pinas on

    a leader knows his responsibilities. He is humble enough to admit his failures. Thus, i think that we can never have a “perfect” leader but we can always have someone who aims to be one…

  5. RogeLio TuLang on

    a GOOD leader does not put his/her name on her projets, he/she can make a project anonymously… a GOOD leader knows how to hear the side of his/her constituents… a GOOD leader does not pass his responsibilities to his members…
    that is a GOOD leader…

  6. kilzky on

    A Leader obey his/her resposible and NOT CORRUPT


    A leader should be a perfect gentleman who can project himself with great confidence. He should have assurance in his abilities and strengths that would enable him to strive for excellence in all of his endeavors- be it public service, family relationships or whatsoever.

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