Actors in politics – good or not?

Cesar Montano, Richard Gomez. Even the boxing champ Manny Pacquiao – all hoping to get a seat in politics.

We live in a democratic country.
Anyone can run for a position in government. Any sex. any status. Any occupation.
As long as they pass the requirements of COMELEC, they can file their certificate of candidacy. There’s nothing wrong if a person runs for a position.
The most important thing is, they have good intentions and can help our country.

Do you think it’s okay for actors to run and take office in our government?

*for comments, kindly include your location beside your name (ex. Gloria, Pasig City) or you can mention it while you write your opinion! =) thank you!

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  1. macy from mandaluyong on

    there’s nothing wrong with it.
    basta ba capable sila eh. anyone can run naman eh.
    but, the voters should choose wisely and remeember that its not a popularity contest.
    choose those who can help our country.

  2. twodz, QC on

    for me, it’s okay for people in showbiz to run for politics but i just hope the real purpose for running would be service to the people and not to be more famous or get more money, etc. It would also better that they experience some public service first before they run. Simple community service or maybe volunteer in a charitable institution first. Hindi yung tatakbo sila agad for senator, congressman, president. There are times talaga na you have to start at the bottom before you reach the top.

  3. CSI fan from Q.C. on

    Okay lang tumakbo sila pero sana naman, mag-umpisa muna sa mababang posisyon. Yung tipong councilor then work their way up. Yung iba dyan, gusto mayor, senator na agad. God forbid! Presidente! Huwag naman sana. Ang plataporma ng mga artistang gustong tumakbo eh para daw makatulong sa sambayanang pilipino. Bakit? May mga artista naman na nakakatulong sa kapwa natin pilipino na hindi na kailangang maging mayor o senator.

    Pero let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. Baka nga naman gusto talaga nilang makatulong.

  4. anne on

    I think actors/ actresses are insane! They run because they know they will win not because they know they can make our country a better place. I cant figure out why they even have the audacity to run in the first place. Don’t you think that we need someone better than just someone famous! Seriously, people need to wake up! If the Philippines is a sinking boat (which we are) do you think that these actors would save you before they save themselves? Something’s got to change…

  5. azile from pasig on

    Here’s the thing, it’s actually their right to run since everyone has that right naman. However, if they’re going to run, they better make sure that they are capable of serving their constituents! They should know the responsibilities of a public official and should fulfill to them (if they get elected). They should not be puppets of someone who has a hidden agenda.
    If it’s just a popularity contest for them then i think they already have an answer (there’s no need for an election to answer that question).
    Take manny p. for example, I don’t think that he is entirely capable of representing S.Cotabato. I think that he is just being used by the higher officials so that IF EVER he gets elected, there’ll be another vote against the impeachment of GMA (if ever someone wants to suggest GMA’s impeachment again)

  6. jinx, roxas on

    Maybe we should give these actors the benefit of the doubt?
    For instance, Manny Pacquiao may be low in the educational qualification area, but the reason he says he’s running is because he truly wants to help the people. If there are enough people helping those in need, he says, he wouldn’t have to run.
    Do you the reason he’s running is because he needs even more millions for himself? Or is it because he’s truly kind hearted and is simply taking advantage of his fame now to help the people?

  7. kilzky on

    okie lng naman mag pumasok sa polika ang mga artista.pero ang tanong..makakatulong ba talaga sila sa atin??? at never akong boboto nang artista nakatulad ni richard

  8. kilzky on

    okey lng naman na maging politician ang mga artista kaso dapat mag simula muna sila sa mababang antas nang politica…pero ang tanung.. makakatulong ba sila sa bayan lalo na sa ating youth please guys vote wisely and avoid voting artist

  9. rinoa on

    politicians use showbiz as a stepping stone… o di naman kaya, if they have plans of running, they attach themselves to those who are very famous.. para instant exposure and campaign.. parang hindi sincere kasi eh…

  10. Rem on

    Celebs shouldn’t use their fame to win in the elections. Celebs should have a strong background in governance before running for a position. Voters shoudn’t vote just because this celeb is their heroes in tv and films but because they are capable of ruling and they know a lot about it.

  11. Jel on

    I don’t think actors should be allowed to run for politics unless it very obvious that they are qualified for the job. I think the criteria of the people running should be changed like they should have a Masters Degree or something in a course that related to economics, pol eco, or anything related to these fields.

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