Artists endorsing politicians

Actors, musicians, painters, singers… you name it, they have it!

Do you think famous showbiz personalities endorsing politicians is really effective?

Or is it just for entertainment?

*for comments, kindly include your location beside your name (ex. Gloria, Pasig City) or you can mention it while you write your opinion! =) thank you!


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  1. tv junkette on

    purely entertainment. what do these artists know right?? or atleast most of those endorsing puppets.

    politicians who use artists are desperate and pathetic. (just the same when they say that businesses who result to endorsers as advertisers mean they arent creative or innovative enough THUS desperate and pathetic)… it’s either they cant say much about themselves, or they’re joining the bandwagon so as to be liked by the masses. but hell, does it really signify how capable they are as leaders? i think not.

  2. phil_citizen, QC on

    How could I can forget the Jamby Madrigal/Judy ann Santos team. Even the Nene Pimentel/Kris Aquino one. Shucks it’s clear that these politicians just associate themselves with these celebrities just to be popular. Look at Jamby’s billboard. It shows a close up shot of her with Judy ann’s face at the background… which is almost actually almost as big as the candidate’s face. Using celebrities is an indirect mean to reach their ends. Can’t they think of anything else to help them?

  3. adrian from pasay on

    sadly yes, it is effective because it is entertainiment (and you know how much filipinos love their share of showbiz). another sad thing is knowing that there’s nothing we can do about this because majority of the filipino voters aren’t smart enough to see past this gimmick.

  4. cherfer on

    yes, especially if the endorser is supposedly “honest”, “credible”, aka totoong tao. that’s the thing about democracy. we can roll our eyes til they hurt whenever we see sharon cuneta smiling so silly, speaking in behalf of her singing senator but the public buy it because her carefully guarded image lends itself even in the political arena. so do i think it’s right? there’s no law against it. the decision making process lies in the hands of average juan and maria. kaso yun nga, because of a myriad of reasons, sablay mag decide mga tao.

  5. macy from mandaluyong on

    let’s face it… its effective… we live in a “die hard fans” country… (i cnt think of other words to describe it)… most of our kababayans patronize celebrities…

  6. azile from pasig on

    For the masa, i think its something that they would entirely believe in and thus, it’s effective. The endorsements give the voters affiliation with the candidate. They may feel that they can have something in common with the candidate (– their ‘idol’)

    For the educated people, then it’s entirely different…it could be entertaining or annoying 😉

  7. Nathan on

    In my opinion, celebrtities endorsing politicians is effective and not just purely entertainment in terms of marketing. However it is not an effective means to electing a candidate. The presence of actors, actresses, musicians, painters and etc is not a joke and is not considered entertainment. Why spend millions to hire a celeb if you can spend it on your ad campaign which cost you to about P45M the most? The use of celebs in election is purely marketing in order to attract the voters. The truth is that majority of the “masa” are die hard fans and can be attracted with the celebrities in an instant. For example, bringing Piolo Pascual, Manny Paquiao or Judy Ann Santos inside malls already creates a big traffic. What more if they’re with a politician? That’s the weakness of the Filipino and that’s what the sweet spot is. However, i think that the use of celebrities are not an effective means to elect a candidate because, celebrities can be a cheat for the candidate. Instead of Filipinos knowing what the platform of the candidate is, what stocks in their mind is the celebrities and/or their idols, as representative for the candidate, which blinds the “masa” of what they’re voting for.

    For the educated few, i agree with azile that its a different scenario. However, the use of celebrity can still affect because their is such thing as ” increase connections” and despite knowing the platform, their is sometimes no choice because of the relationship with the celebrity or candidate. Macy, i hope this helps =)

  8. ems on

    hi yougo peeps! this is kuya ems from
    please reach me at 09186881062. i hope u could join us in our radio program this sunday. just text me. thanks! more power to the youth!

  9. mightymouse06 on

    yes, i think its part of the whole strategy, whether marketing or plain entertainment. i think that without the use of these celebrities, filipinos especially the “masa” would not be motivated to participate and to really indulge themselves. However, these candidates must consider that popularity using these celebrities is not entirely the main thing.. they should at least prove that the people should vote for them because of what they are capable of..

  10. RogeLio TuLang on

    excuse me????

    ung artista ba ang tatakbo… yah know… nakakasira to sa image ng mga endorsers… lalung lalo na pag ginagawa nia to 4 the MONEY… i dont think that it is credible… i hate that fact… i totally hate it

  11. kilzky on

    sa pananaw ko hindi pa nla kilala ang ini endorce nla … kc binabayaran lng cla nang mga politician to edurce them… sana wag clang mag pag gamit sa mga politician

  12. kilzky on

    sana ung mga artista wag na silang mag pagamit sa mga politician….manahimik nalang sila

  13. pinaypie, pasig on

    what was up with sarah geronimo endorsing angara? nakakacurious tuloy, what was in it for her? ANd how much was she paid?

    When we see ads like this, it’s important to ask ourselves how much kaya of artists believe in the politicians they endorse? Or how much of them just believe in the fat paycheck they’re getting after.

  14. rinoa of bulacan on

    oo naman, effective siya.. part ng packaging.. its either, the showix people thmeselves run or they hire showboz people to campaign for them…

  15. youthforgoodgovernance on

    All of you guys have very good points. Keep sharing your thoughts and comments! – YouGo!

  16. from the office of sencayetano on

    hi! im working under the office of senator pia cayetano and i think that its a good thing that the youth are able to discuss political issues, etc. btw, i would just like to comment about endorsers/ actors being paid by the politicians, some of these actors merely give their support to them, whether in exchange of money or not. let’s not completely and blindly judge these actors for their choice of helping the politicians. Keep it up YOUGO! hopefully by the end of the elections, more comments will be heard from the politicians.

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