Uy, napanood mo na ba??

With the elections only a few months away, many political campaign advertisements (TV, radio and print) are everywhere.

From Chiz Escudero…

…to Migz Zubiri…

…to Manny Villar.

Do you think these advertisements actually work?

Do these help you vote for the candidate or do these even annoy you?

What other political ads have you seen?

Here are more ads during the past 2004 Elections.

*for comments, kindly include your location beside your name (ex. Gloria, Pasig City) or you can mention it while you write your opinion! =) thank you!

5 comments so far

  1. lia, san juan on

    The most annoying so far is Mike Defensor’s political ad. It has no storyline, no direction, no real message…just hard sell na iboto natin si ‘tol! Although subliminally, I think his ad is telling us something. Like his commercial, his platform has no direction and no real message.

    Maybe instead of the millions going to the airtime of these pointless ads, it should be going to helping the poor instead. Baka dun may chance pa siya manalo.

  2. twodz, QC on

    I’ve seen sooooo many political ads especially during primetime at night. Almost every other commercial on tv is a political ad. I guess these ads can be effective in some way especially the ones with “LSS” type of jingles coz they will really be stuck in your head. But yea, their ads should have a message, not just a “vote me! vote me!” commercial. Don’t just flower it with effects, music and celebrities. Make good use of the 30 seconds airtime that you just bought.

    I also remember that Christmas greeting that the Recto family showed during the holidays. I mean when it was Nov/Dec, to show that TVC was reasonable (even though at the back of my mind, I was saying to myself “Hay naku malapit na kasi ang eleksyon…”). But when i saw that same ad again almost at the end of January, greeting me Merry Xmas, it already somewhat became irritating coz I knew for sure that it was more than a Christmas greeting. It was already an indirect political ad.

  3. mac,zamboanga city on

    manny villar’s ad is a powerful one. he really showed his sipag and tiyaga line. i think it would inspire more pipol to do most in life. A typical diligent and harworking filipino.
    Pichay’s a good one!catchy too!i he’s not gonna win neither.

  4. kilzky on

    i think ung kay pitchay nakakatawa kz how comes he help the dream of the pipol kng tuta cia nang administration at honestly pasikat lang yan nang mga politician katulad ni migs zubiri

  5. youthforgoodgovernance on

    More and more ads are airing now. From what we saw on the news just recently, Pichay has the highest expenses when it comes to political ads. =) Just sharing. -YouGo!

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