Remembering the EDSA Revolution

Where were you when the 1986 People Power Revolution happened? Were you part of the crowd standing at the streets of EDSA? Or were you only a little kid, maybe not even born, during this historical event? No matter what age or location you were, the People Power Revolution against the Marcos administration was definetely life-changing for all.

It has been 21 years since EDSA 1. Do you think the the spirit of of People Power is still alive among the Filipino youth?

*for comments, kindly include your location beside your name (ex. Gloria, Pasig City) or you can mention it while you write your opinion! =) thank you!

*Topic inspired by our media friends from Voice of the Youth Network ( Sundays, 10:00-11:00am DZME 1530khz).


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  1. ems on

    the spirit of edsa / people power rev is still very much alive, only in the form of volunteer spirit and selfless service and idealism of the youth… which is a better kind of revolution the nation truly needs. thanks lia! keep up the keeping up!

  2. patsy on

    You can never underestimate the power of learning and reading. The spirit of EDSA will live on only if generations will continue to learn about what our parents and grandparents have fought for.
    Usually, when we celebrate the EDSA, many of us are just happy that we don’t have classes for the day, but there should be and there is more to that.

  3. erin on

    Honestly, I think that everyone, not only the youth have people powered their way to exhaustion. But the above comment is right, the youth have found a “better” alternative and that is in volunteerism. Speaking as an Atenean, Gawad Kalinga (GK) has been a prime mover in our country today. The outpouring of support from the Ateneans and many others has truly been astonishing. GK has done so much and it owes its success to the countless volunteers. In the end, the youth is still playing a role in building our nation. We just found another way to do it.

  4. unjinx14 on

    i think it depends on the environment where the youth lived.
    for me, we participated in the EDSA2. but as high school students of a private school we really knew what we are there for… unlike those people who are there just to be in the new or “in the know”
    i think that too much corruption in our country also led to the lost essence of EDSA. in tagalog terms….”nagsawa na ang mga pilipino sa mga korupt na mga officials..kaya yung nakikisama nalng kung saan marami…hindi na nila alam kung sino and “totoong” tao sa gobyerno….

  5. MichaelCic on

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