Good governance talaga!

We always think of what our government has done wrong.

But now it’s time that we take a look at their good side.

What do you think are the good things that our government has accomplished? =)

*for comments, kindly include your location beside your name (ex. Gloria, Pasig City) or you can mention it while you write your opinion! =) thank you!


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  1. pinaypie, pasig on

    I’m not from Bulacan, but I heard their governor, Josie de la Cruz speak once in a talk and I think she is pretty impressive with what she has done for Bulacan in terms of getting more investors and business opportunities for the people.
    Marikina I think, is also doing quite well. It is very clean and they are making their city a tourist destination.

  2. phil_citizen on

    One good thing that our government was able to accomplish was that our economy flourished. I mean the value of dollar and peso is better than before. Our tourism is also doing quite well so I guess our government is not that ineffective after all.

  3. kuya ems on

    i think that the Metro Manila Development Authority done breakthroughs on their projects.. national highways in the Metro are generally clean.. the foot bridges could really impose discipline to pedestrians (it’s also safer). there is faster traffic flow in katipunan /aurora intersections due to effective u-turns. (unlike years ago, it was hellish). Men actually use the pink urinals, instead of just taking a leak around… yeah, we need someone like BF to accomplish those things.

  4. kuya ems on

    and by the way… thanks for the go nuts! haha.. sarap.

  5. lia, san juan on

    I agree. I think BF has been doing a great job too. Even if some of his methods are unconventional, what I like about him is that he constantly tries to think of ways to make things better. That beats those officials who don’t even bother to pick up a finger and merely complain any day!

    You are most welcome kuya ems! Keep up the good work with voty!

  6. kuya ems on

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  7. CSI fan, Q.C. on

    Kudos to GMA (or was it Erap?) for the MRT transport system. Let’s face it. Public transportation became less of a “sakit ng ulo” when the MRT started its operations. One need not have to spend countless hours inside road-based public transpo to get to his/her destination.

    Bayani Fernando has been doing a great job too. Though we sometimes get irate with all the u-turns and pink fences along EDSA, somehow, traffic became bearable unlike before.

    Another notable job well done goes to Mayor Lito Atienza. He really livened up Manila with the Baywalk.

  8. rogie, munti on

    i really love what is happening to our economy right now… i think as of now… PGMA is the most suitable for that position… i think people just want to go with the flow… they want to kick PGMA’s butt out of Malacanan but don’t know who will replace her… there’s no one good enough to handle our country…

  9. Doti from QC on

    The baranggay governance level counts right? 🙂 In our baranggay (baranggay Roxas), I applaud the new rules being implemented by the Brgy Captain. There are now tanods manning the area 24 hours. Also, the captain calls these meetings with the residents whenever there are issues to be resolved. For instance, my dad attended one meeting where they discussed the issue on roadside parking. I like it that they get the residents involved in the decisions they make.

    Here in Quezon City, I can see that Sonny Belmonte has done a lot of improvements. In our area, I have seen a lot of roads being fixed and cemented. The sidewalks are now functional. You can actually walk on them. 🙂 Although they have the inscriptions “SB” on them, i actually don’t mind anymore because at least they serve their purpose and they actually look nicer now.

    On the national level, it think the government has done a good job as regards the economy. I also saw on TV that the unemployment rate has decreased because there are more investors in our country thus, more jobs.

  10. pinkties on

    I would like to applaud the people at MMDA especially Bob Esquivel and Bayani Fernando for taking the initiative to take down election posters and banners that were illegally put on electric wires. This was especially popular in the Quezon City area, where no less than the Mayor, Sonny Belmonte had his banners illegally posted on electric wires. Another violator is Aiko Melendez. Boo to them. Nakakahiya kayo!
    Kudos to the MMDA!

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