Sa Bus 271

Last March 28 Wednesday, 2 men armed with guns and grenades took over a passenger bus near Manila’s city hall and held hostage 32 school children and two teachers. The two hostage takers – Jun Ducat and Cesar Carbonell.

The demands were to provide better education to the children, plus a call to end corruption in the country which the government has failed to answer. Ducat also called on voters to be careful on who they choose as they are same people involved in corruption. After 10 hours (including talks with Sen. Bong Revilla and Chavit Singson), he surrendered and accepted his consequences.

“Masakit sa akin na sa isang marahas na pamamaraan at sinangkot ko pa ang 30 bata, masakit sa akin at tanggap ko ang lahat ng parusang aabutin ko. Gusto ko lang imulat ang sambayanang Pilipino, ngayon po ay eleksyon. Huwag nating iasa ang kinabuksan natin at buhay natin sa mga pulitiko.” Ducat said.

Due to the incident, the Presidential Anti-Graft and Corruption will look into the complaints of Ducat. The Department of Education and the Department of Social Welfare and Development will help as well.

Despite the law breaking, Ducat’s friends, neighbors, plus the students and their families still show sympathy for they know Ducat is really a good man.

This recent event can be seen in different perspectives.

Was Ducat’s hostage taking a good thing in order to be heard? Or not?

And politicians such as Revilla and Singson – should they even be involved? Were they there to stop the crisis or was there a political agenda to it?

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  1. phil_citizen on

    I think ang mali lang dito is Ducat had to go do the extreme just to be heard. I mean, kung hindi niya gagawin yun eh di hindi pa rin gagalaw yung Dep of Ed at DSWD, pati na rin yung Presidential anti-Corruption. Para bang kailangan may gumawa pa ng ganitong kagrabe na incident para makita ng government na may problema talaga!
    Ducat may have used other means (like rally) but it wouldn’t really be given that much attention by the government. It’s like he had to resort to the hostage taking even though he didn’t want to just to open the eyes of everyone.
    Oh and yea, why was Singson there? Looks to me like he was taking advantage of the crisis to make his image better – but sorry, didn’t work for me!
    just my 2 cents.

  2. shoppinggal, 23 on

    grabe naman yung nangyari, kelangan pa bang humantong sa pagsacrifice ng safety ng mga bata para lang maalarma? actually pwede ding political tactic lang ito..syempre malapit na eleksyon.. pero sa tingin ko, hindi naman sa pagjujudge ng politicians pero hello, kelangan pa bang umeksena sa mga ganitong situation? anong hanap nila.. paawa at pa-hero effect??

  3. lia, san juan on

    Ducat was probably so desperate that he had to resort to those measures. But while his intentions were noble, the end does not justify the means. For him to put those children’s lives at risk and even those of the officials, was not a good choice.
    Then again, it just might be a political ploy for Revilla and Singson…I mean, think of the free national media mileage they got. If it is a racket, wow, their pr men sure are getting creative.

  4. CSI fan, Q.C. on

    As always, I’m not surprised. Kung kailan may nangyari ng masama, saka pa lang aaksyon ang gobyerno. Kung hindi pa nang-hostage si Ducat, hindi imo-mobilize ni GMA ang mga tauhan nya. Hay…

  5. macy, mandaluyong on

    i agree with lia… he still violated our laws… though he has good intentions, it does not justify his acts… a crime is still a crime…

    for thee government – they should not wait for this kind of incident to do their job… may nanghostage or wala dapat sila kumilos… sayang ang budget ng taong bayan kung konti lang nakikinabang… ang daming nangangailangan ng tulong…

  6. ali alconaba on

    lots of opinions on this event. the only thing we ought to question are ducat’s actions. for me, it does not do some sort of any good moral justification. and heck, this is the philippines, there are less moral justifications seen in our political culture and something like this isn’t so surprising.

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