The most anticipated event of the year!

No it’s not summer vacation, the opening of UAAP or Spiderman 3 & it’s also not the release of the new Harry Potter book.

It’s the May 2007 Elections!

Have you decided on who you will write down on that piece of paper? You only got 2 days to go so make that important decision!

– Do you have a list of your candidates? (Senators, Congressman, Governor (+vice), Mayor (+vice), Councilors, Partylist) Make a codigo of your chosen candidates to bring with you when you vote. This will save you time and you wouldn’t forget to write down your choices.

Know your precinct beforehand if possible. This will also lessen your time looking for the venue.

Bring your own ballpen. There will be pens available but you’ll never know. It’s better to be prepared and it’s just a pen anyway – fits right in your bag/pocket.

– As much as possible, avoid leaving blanks on your ballot. This is your chance to choose who you want to be placed in the government. It’s like being given 3 wishes by a genie and you only want to use 1. =)

– Last but not the least, vote wisely!

May we have a clean and fair elections this May 14.



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  1. ate lia on

    ate lia musta nah q ung sa malila water student of palatiw elem.cment back!!!!!!!!!!!!

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