Youth for Good Governance or YouGo! is the site where the youth of the Philippines can voice out their own concerns/suggestions/opinions regarding our government. This is your chance to speak out and even make a difference! YouGo!!

Brought to you by the IMC 4-SDL students of UA&P.

TEAM YouGo! Macy, Lia, Paolo, Ideza, Ina

For your comments regarding this site and suggestions for future topics, feel free to email us at or simply leave a message below. =) Thanks!

Team YouGo! would like to acknowledge the following:

  • Wazzup Wazzup of Studio 23
  • Voice of the Youth Network
  • Students & teachers from UA&P
  • Atty. Tantuico

6 comments so far

  1. RogeLio TuLang on

    i’m not et a voter… well im only 14… but im already aware of what is happening on our country… the politics is so so so terrible… i dont even wanna watch television juz to see politicians saying non sense.. but if i have to vote for senator… i would choose recto, pangilinan, oreta, and pichay… and also that sultan… i chose them bcoz.. their veteran… no more further resons..


  2. RogeLio TuLang on

    yah know????

    im advertising ur website sa friendster…

    i want youth to be aware of what’s happening to our politics ryt now/….

  3. kilzky on

    tama itong ginawa nyo na gumawa nang website para sa atin mga youth at dapat na tayong maki alam sa politics natin kc parang nabababoy na eh at laging walang unsad bansa natin..dapat rin bantayan natin ung canvcing kz mga comelec corrupt narin ngaun na katulad ni garciliano

  4. karla on

    An informative blog that makes you think. It’s about time for the youth to be active in issues relating to politics. Indifference is out.

    More power guys. Great job!

  5. youthforgoodgovernance on

    Thanks for your messages and support guys! We really appreciate your participation and your comments. =) visit us again soon!

  6. lia, san juan on

    Thanks for your support for you go guys!
    Please keep commenting and exchanging your ideas with your fellow pinoy youth…ang saya i-exercise yung minds natin noh?

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